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Individual Counselling

Insight & Hope

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can develop healthier ways to respond to difficult circumstances. Individual counselling sessions provide a safe space for you to get in touch with your thoughts, emotions and experiences in a therapeutic way, so you can move in the direction of healing and well-being.

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Family Counselling

Clarity & Connection

As social species, we are hardwired for connection. From the moment that we are born, our interactions with our caregivers and with those close to us start to shape our perceptions of ourselves, of others, and the world around us.
It is in the context of a family unit - in whichever composition that family may take - that we learn to communicate our thoughts, emotions, and needs, and that we learn to cope with stress. Family counselling helps family members learn new ways of communicating and of being with each other, increasing the level of understanding, connection, and fulfillment that family members experience.

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Couples Counselling

Collaboration & Aliveness

For couples who are considering the possibility of making a long-term commitment to each other, to those who have been partners for years, couples counselling creates a context in which people can explore their individual needs, as well as the needs of their relationship. As Virginia Satir used to say, "people connect on the basis of their similarities and grow through their differences". When the differences between two people in a love relationship are explored and worked through, their connection can be repaired, enabling couples to experience healing, connection, and a greater sense of aliveness.

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Child and Adolescent Counselling

Connection & Growth

For most children and teenagers, this is a unique opportunity for them to freely express their emotions and thoughts through play, art, and/or conversations, without feeling judged or ashamed.
New ways of being, communicating, and coping with difficult situations are explored, while skills are developed during the session. 
Given the importance of parents/guardians to the development of children and adolescents, an initial parent/guardian meeting is the first step for child/adolescent counselling.

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